I've put together a handful of my health and beauty related tips for you


  1. Shave with conditioner - it might sound strange, but if you lather your legs with conditioner before you step into the shower, it'll soften the hairs on your legs leaving you less prone to those horrid prickles and your skin will be silky smooth
  2. Vinegar on your hair - this one isn't for everyday use, more like once a month. Use a spray bottle and spritz all over your hair, very lightly. Leave for around 20 minutes and wash it all out with lukewarm water and shampoo. It helps to restore shine
  3. Use a hair dryer for curlier lashes - before using your eyelash curler, heat it under  your hair dryer for five seconds. Make sure it's not too hot though, as this could be very damaging
  4. Ice on your skin - rubbing an ice cube over acne and cellulite helps to reduce it
  5. Lemon juice on your hair - this can help naturally lighten blonde or bleached hair. Spray lemon juice on your hair and walk around in the sun for a bit, or whack your hair dryer on it, it works!
  6. Potatoes for less puffy eyes - dermatologists at Skinworks say that they are astringent (they help reduce water retention). They also contain the enzyme catalase, which can help to reduce dark circles under the eyes
  7. Keep your expensive lashes for longer - after removing your lashes, take a cotton bud and soak it in eye make-up remover (I recommend Simple), place the lashes on a flat surface and hold the band of the eyelashes down with one finger. Then gently run the bud over the lashes, removing any mascara, eye shadow, eyeliner and adhesive. Once you've removed all of the excess make up, wrap them around a make up brush with a wide diameter. This will help them to keep their shape for longer
  8. Toothpaste and Sudocrem for spots - they both help to dry out the infected area and minimise redness. Toothpaste is especially good for cooling down the inflamed area and reducing pain
  9. Blot - always use blotting paper! It's a cheap and simple way of ridding excess oil, especially if you find that your face still gets oily over your make up. The worst thing you can do is re-apply make up when your skin looks oily. Instead, you should blot away the oil and drink water. Always remove your make up before applying another coat - it's unhealthy to be spreading airborne bacteria that's already reached the surface of your skin
  10. Fuller lips - to give the impression of fuller lips, use a nude, or slightly off-nude lip liner to fill in both lips. Never exaggerate them too much! You can apply either a nude lipstick or a clear lip balm over this
  11. Healthier hair - make sure to treat your hair to a deep condition every now and again. It's important that your hair gets the attention it needs, especially if you're growing it out or have bleached hair


  1. Don't skip breakfast - fibre in the morning means less afternoon hunger! The less hungry you are, the less groggy you feel and the less grumpy you are. A nutritious breakfast is the key to having a good morning and a productive day
  2. Admire your body - the worst thing you can do is hate yourself. Learn to accept and embrace who you are. If you're unhappy, then make a positive change to make yourself happy. Changing your attitude towards yourself can help to change your attitude towards other aspects in your life
  3. Colour your dinner plate - foods with bright, rich colours are more than just pretty. They are packed with flavonoids and carotenoids. These bind all of the damaging free radicals in your body, lowering inflammation
  4. Go green - green tea has an abundance of benefits: most importantly, it's packed with heart-boosting, cancer preventing polyphenols. It also makes you feel more alert and awake.
  5. Sweat - I cannot stress the importance of exercise. Dieting alone will not help your health, you need to have an equal measure of working out too. It can help to reduce the risk of a heart attack, lower your blood pressure, improve your mood, tone your body... the list is endless
  6. Check your boobs - a bit of a serious one here, but it is so important to have a good feel every so often. Get your partner to check, too. Anything that feels painful or out of the ordinary should be followed up by a medical professional. You can find the five steps of a full self-breast examination here
  7. Eat tomatoes - they contain lycopene, which is a powerful cancer fighter. They're rich in vitamin C and they go with absolutely everything. You have no excuse to hate them!
  8. Quit smoking - need I even say anything? It's disgustingly bad for you
  9. Quit binge drinking - this is a difficult one, especially for all of my fellow students out there. I think we can all grow up a little bit, can't we...