So, for around a month I have been trying out a new skincare routine using only Simple products...
My skin is fairy clear and I have never suffered from acne. However, I do have combination skin, meaning that I suffer from dry patches and oily patches on my T-zone. I usually have an oilier T-zone throughout the summer and a dry T-zone throughout the winter. I started using Simple in late September and I am still using all of the products! Whilst using Simple in the winter months, my skin felt firmer and looked brighter. The products were not drying nor were they oily and thick; they were still hydrating though. This helped to keep my skin balanced and refreshed. My skin is currently in the dry-to-oily transition, so I thought it would be the perfect opportunity to share how the products cope with maintaining a matte, yet hydrated complexion over the next few months. This is my night time routine:

  • Remove allllll of that eye and eyebrow make-up using a few drops of the Simple Kind To Eyes Eye Make-Up Remover on a cotton pad. Gently swipe the pad over your eyelids in one direction. Avoid rubbing/pulling the skin around the eyes as this can pull out eyelashes and is the main cause of pre-mature wrinkles!
  • Use a Simple Kind To Skin Facial Cleansing wipe to remove any face make-up. Make sure you get any fallout powder lurking underneath your jawline and behind your ears. 
  • Wet your face and then apply the Simple Spotless Triple Action Face Wash all over your face and neck. Scrub with your finger tips in a circular motion for around a minute. Wash this off with lukewarm water. Don't dry your face yet...
  • Use two pumps of the Simple Kind To Skin Vital Vitamin Facial Cleanser and work the foam into your skin, sort of creating a facial mask. I then leave this to sit for around 3 minutes (this is usually when I brush my teeth). Wash this off using hot water. Gently pat your skin dry with a towel. Never rub or scrub your face with a towel, as this is too harsh for your skin. I use a soft flannel when possible. Also, ALWAYS use a new towel to pat dry your face each night. If there happens to be any bacteria lurking on the towel, this could lead to break outs. 
  • Once my face is dry, I apply a pea-sized amount of Simple Kind To Skin Hydrating Light Moisturiser all over my face, focusing on my T-zone. At this point, I'd also apply a bit of my Soap & Glory lip balm.
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