Take a look at the make-up brushes that I use on daily basis

How long have I owned them?
In late 2013, I was gifted with the Real Techniques Eye Stater Set. I clean my brushes up to three times a week, so they've done well to survive this long! The bristles are still in tact and have stayed true to their shape. A few month ago, I was gifted with the Vegan Prime Set from the lovely team at Zoeva and I can honestly say that they are the best applicators I have come across in a long time. The brushes clean easily, they don't absorb any make-up, all the make-up retained goes straight onto your face and there is next to no fall out when applying eye shadows. The last brush is the palette brush from Naked. I have owned it for around two months and I thought I'd include this as I occasionally use this to pack on dark shadows for a dramatic smokey look.

What do I use each brush for? (In order from left - right)
I use the 104 Buffer for applying contour, as it allows me to be very precise. I use the same brush to softly blend this out. I use the 125 Stippling to blend out foundation all over my face; I even use it over my eye area as it is incredibly gentle. The 128 Cream Cheek is used for just that; cream blush. It's best used with cream blush as opposed to powder blush, as I have found that the brush retains the creamy consistency better. The 142 Concealer Buffer is used under my eyes to cover my dark circles and around my nose to buff away redness. I have a scar on my left cheek and I have found that this brush helps to maximise my concealer's coverage. I use the 223 Petit Eye Blender to pack on darker eye shadows onto my upper lash line when creating a smokey eye look. It's almost like a thick liner brush, which helps with accuracy when lining the eye. The 235 Contour Shader is slightly angled; I use this when I'm bringing my eye shadow the the outer corner underneath my eyes. The next is the 227 Soft Definer brush. This is my go-to blending brush, I use this for blending out my eye shadow into my eyebrow highlight. It does the job perfectly! The brush allows me to blend my make-up without picking it back up off my skin. Previously, when I used to blend out my eye shadow I would always have to apply more eye shadow on top, because the brush would sweep away the make-up. Not with this Zoeva 227... It's faultless. The last of my Zoeva collection: the 317 Wing Liner brush. This is perfect for smaller, more precise eyebrows. I use this mainly to pack on my dip brow to the outer edges of my eyebrows. It's accurate, thin, angled, and applies the make-up to the thin strands of hair perfectly. Now, moving onto the Real Techniques tools. The first is the Fine Liner brush which I use when I have a break from the classic liquid eye liner and opt for a gel liner instead. The brush is perfect, it doesn't drag along the eyelid. There are no creases or bumps - the brush glides along the eye easily and the liner looks flawless and effortless. I use the Brow Brush to fill in the inner part of my eyebrows. The soft bristles allow for a natural, hair-like, well blended look. The last Real Techniques brush is the Deluxe Crease Brush which I use when I'm blending out my eye liner or eye shadow. I interchange this with the Zoeva 227. I have no preference as to which one is better, they're both brilliant and on equal par with each other. The last brush I'm going to mention in my favourites is the Naked palette brush. It's extremely good used in unison with the Naked palette (obviously). I usually use it to apply a lot of eye shadow at once as it's very good for precision with a lot of product. You can't really use this brush for blending as it's not exactly 'fluffy' enough, but it's heavenly for creating straight, dramatic lines. I usually create this kind of look for an occasion or a night out (always teamed with a pair of lashes, of course).

Where can I buy these sets?
You can purchase the Zoeva Vegan Prime Set with storage bag for £61.50* here, the Real Techniques Eye Starter Set with storage case for £21.99* here, and the Naked Palette with brush for £38.00* here.

*RRP 03/04/2015