1. Maximum exfoliation hack
So, most exfoliation scrubs tell you to jump in the shower, massage the product onto your skin and rinse. Buuuuut, if you massage your scrub onto your dry skin, let it settle for five and then rinse it off, your skin will feel smoother than ever. I use Soap & Glory's Sugar Crush Body Scrub which is perfect for lifting dead skin cells, dirt and clearing your pores and hair growth follicles (preventing ingrown hairs). Plus, it's made with naturally occurring ingredients like brown sugar, lime extract, almond oil and macadamia grains; so there are no harsh beads on your skin!

2. The 'dry shave' substitution
Girls. We've all tried it. The dry shave. It doesn't work, it's extremely painful, and yet we still continue to think that rubbing a face wipe over your legs first will somehow reduce the horrible pain and the bumpy rash. It's a good job that I've discovered an alternative... coconut oil. Rub a small amount between your palms to heat it up and then coat your legs (...or armpits) with it, wet your razor with warm water and shave away! Seriously, is there anything that we can't use this miracle oil for?!

3. Cook your foundation
Not literally. No ovens involved. Once you've prepped, primed and concealed you face, apply your foundation (very roughly, NO BLENDING) with a flat(ish) brush (I usually use the Zoeva stippling brush) to areas all over your face. My routine in usually: one stripe across my forehead, a stripe under each eye, down the centre of my nose, across my chin and a little bit on either cheek. Then, let it settle for a minute or two. The heat from your face will allow the foundation to 'cook' and change colour and consistency. This allows for ease when blending and avoids those god awful brush/sponge marks. It also makes it easier to build up your coverage.

4. Three easy steps for longer hair
It really is quite simple to give your hair a gentle nudge in the right direction. The first tip is to swap out any cotton/cotton mix pillowcases for silk ones. Cotton causes friction between your hairs whilst you sleep (especially if you move a lot in your sleep), which can pull out hairs or tangle them (which are then pulled out anyway due to brushing). The next is to give yourself a scalp massage every time you shampoo. This increases the blood supply to your scalp which in turn stimulates your follicles and helps promote hair growth. The last tip is to let your hair naturally dry once in a while. If you have time, give your hair a break from the heat. If you're pushed for time, use the cool air setting on your hair dryer. Not only will this feel better on your scalp, it'll stop your head from sweating whilst drying, leaving you with grease-free hair for a day or two longer.

5. SPF 50 on your lips
This one's a bit of a summery one, so it's very out of season. Buuut, it's something that you all need to know... every single person with an ounce of common sense knows that it's essential to wear sun cream. But, a lot of women (and men) are neglecting their lips! Mix some SPF with a lip balm/gloss (or buy one with SPF in it) and apply it every couple of hours. It's essential. Women of a darker skin tone are more likely to notice sun damage on their lips as the melanin is rather prominent, and so they (and I) get noticeable pigmentation.

6. Glue investments
Anyone who knows me, follows me, watches me, etc etc will know that I'm a liiiiittle bit of an eyelash freak. I have owned so many pairs of falasies in my lifetime it's unreal. My number one tip is to invest in a good glue. I use Eylure adhesive for both individual and strip lashes. It lasts all day, it doesn't dry clumpy, it's colourless when dry, it's easy to apply, its perfect.

7. Day 'n' Night
A lot of women don't have the time in their hectic day-to-day schedule to recognise the importance of using two different facial moisturisers. An awful lot of women label the two products of "the same thing". I should probs mention... they're not the same thing. During the day, the sensitive skin on your face is exposed to UV rays, make-up, bacteria, pollution, etc. So, creams specifically designed for day use are focused around protection and creating a barrier between your skin and all of the physical and environmental stresses that may crop up. Day creams contain a lot of SPF, antioxidants, fast-absorbing vitamins and they also usually oil-free so that your makeup doesn't slide off your face. During the night, you skin isn't as exposed to the factors stated previously. Whilst we're asleep, out skin does most of it's recovering and replenishing. This is why night creams are focused around moisturising and cell recovery. These creams usually have the most concentrated anti-aging ingredients (as they have a longer period of time to penetrate the skin). They also contain ingredients such as retinol, hyaluronic acid and glycolic acid (which all work better without the interference of UV rays and suncream. So, yeah, that's why you should have two tubs of "the same thing".

8. "Sleep wrinkles" are actually a thing. I'm being deadly serious...
Although a lot of us do believe in "pillow lines" on your face (because most of us have had them), caused by creases in your pillow cover being pushed against you skin; an awful lot of women I've spoken to are sceptical of the idea that pillows can give us wrinkles. Well, I'm gonna just confirm that they can. It's now internationally recognised by (all half-decent) dermatologists that sleeping on your face or your side can pull and push the sensitive areas of your skin (around your eyes, forehead, mouth) and cause the skin to lose elasticity. So, how do you combat it? Sleep on your back.

9. Invest in blotting paper
Please, please puuuuurrr-leeeeease, for the love of god, do not re-apply your foundation in the middle of the day with the same (dirty) brush that you used previously that morning on top of your shiny T-zone. That is gross. No matter how many times you clean your make-up brushes (FYI, it should be after every use!), you'll still have residual bacteria alllllll over it. Now. Imagine that you're using a second-day make-up brush. Imagine the horrible bacteria multiplying and spreading. Now, imagine that you're applying your favourite (more than likely expensive) foundation with that brush, all lover you face, near your mouth, over your eyes. Then, you pop your dirty brush into your make-up bag which then goes inside your handbag. It's pretty warm in there, and bacteria love nothing more than an optimum temperature to replicate at. By the time you break for lunch at work, those bacteria have multiplied enormously (you can have up to 2 million bacteria if they're left to replicate for 7 hours). You then also have tens of thousands of bacteria multiplying on your t-zone. By applying your foundation from the dirty brush straight onto your face, you're allowing the bacteria to mix and replicate even further. You should clean your brush before and after applying makeup and use an anti-bacterial blotting sheet to rid any excess oils from your skin. It also stops your pores from getting clogged up with lil nasties.

10. Whites stay white
This one is gonna sound so, incredibly simple, yet, a lot of people (myself included) forgot from time to time. Your white clothes will stay white if you just remember to hang them up inside out in your wardrobe. Al no dirt will ever be touching your white garments whilst they're hung up, dyes and lint from other fabrics may rub off onto them. Hanging them inside out means that any dirt, dye or lint that comes into contact with you precious white jeans will be on the inside and won't require you re-wash them (or sit scrubbing with a makeup wipe). Hanging white clothes together also helps. Better yet, get one of those plastic bag thingys that you can put over the top.

Ta-da! Enjoy ladies x