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So, as most of you will already know, I live in little old Sheffield in the UK. I love my home town; it's full of amazing independent businesses, two incredible universities and people who are as friendly as they come!

You may also know that my parents are from Fiji. Although I've traveled back to Fiji numerous times, it was many, many moons ago and I can hardly remember my travels - I was very young! I love planning out my travel bucket list and imagining what I would spend my time getting up to.

Today, I thought I'd share my Fiji bucket list with you guys instead of daydreaming about it. Now, there are a million and one things I'd love to do and lots of places I'd love to explore in Fiji, but, I'll keep it simple and challenge myself to pack as much adventure into 24 hours as I possibly can.

My Fiji Adventure Timeline:
6am: Rise and shine! I'd start my day nice and early at the Sofitel Resort and Spa. I'd have the most extravagant fruit platter and mango juice to fuel my day. I'd then indulge in a spot of morning yoga by the pool and then head to the spa for a quick pamper session - maybe a massage or mud bath?

8am: I'd set off for the coast of Nananu-i-Ra for an hour of kite surfing along the beach with the locals. Soaking up the sunshine and finishing off with a smoothie whilst relaxing in a hammock between the palm trees.

10am: Time to head back to Denarau Island! Here, I'd go snorkeling and swimming among the fishes and other sea life. This island is perfect for couples too, as it's super romantic and a very popular honeymoon destination. If I was visit Fiji with my partner, Jerome, I'd most definitely be taking advantage of the couples' massages and the amazing beach-front brunches on offer.

12pm: At around midday, I'd dine outdoors and enjoy the fresh foods on hand. I love watching people cook so I'd probably ask for a little cooking lesson whilst I'm there! Fiji are really proud to offer fresh ingredients, a luxury I'm usually too busy to take advantage of whilst living in the UK (unfortunately).

2pm: Kula Eco Park is a lovely wildlife refuge in Fiji. I'd love to visit the park and witness all of the amazing conservation work happening there. As a Biologist, I'd love to experience this first hand.

4pm: I'd then had off to Fiji's national museum. It's located in Suva's Thurston Gardens - a perfect opportunity to take in the scenery.The Fiji Museum contains archaeological material that dates back over 3,700 years and cultural objects representing Fiji's indigenous inhabitants and also other communities that have settled over the past 200 years. I'm super intrigued when it comes to historical culture, so I'd definitely spend a couple of hours wandering around here. I'd also be snapping the prettiest pictures in the Thurston Botanical Gardens.

6pm: Time to head back to the hotel. I'd sit along the beach and watch the sunset with a cocktail in one hand and my camera in the other. I'd enjoy a wholesome, fresh dinner and chat to the locals. I'd sneak in a cocktail or two!

8pm: Once the sun has gone down, I'd head to the spa for some late night pampering - how typical of me! I'd then head back up to my suite and have a warm bubble bath and then read my favourite book in bed until I fall asleep.

I hope you enjoyed reading my bucket list plan for when I decide to visit Fiji!

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*Pictures provided by my lovely family in Fiji!



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