The Botanist: New Menu Review

Hello, my lovelies!

Today's post is going be short and sweet. Last week, I was invited to review the new menu at The Botanist in Leopold Square, Sheffield.

Previously to this visit, I had been a frequent customer at The Botanist since it opened in Sheffield and Leeds. I had never had the pleasure of eating there, however, I had downed several of their delicious and very alcoholic cocktails. The drinks were quirky, the venue was beautiful and the bar staff were friendly. I had very high expectations prior to dining at The Botanist - and they fulfilled every single expectation.

I'll start out by stating that none of the staff who were waiting on us (us being Jerome and I), knew that we were there to review the menu. They didn't give us any 'special treatment' just because I was writing a review on their workplace. They were simply friendly, polite, enthusiastic and very accommodating. I cannot praise the staff enough. Jerome and I both noticed how every member of staff was so chatty, informative and professional. Our waiter knew the new menu inside-out and he even took the time to show me the vegetarian options and suggested a few of his favourites.

I was thoroughly impressed with the new menu; here are a few things I loved:

1. The aesthetic. It was a lovely menu to read, it was well designed and easy to navigate. The prints, fonts and prices were all easy to read and the different dishes were well mapped out clearly.

2. The range of cultures available from one menu. From Greek to broader Medetarianian to British classics and even Italian. Each dish was well thought out and clearly stated the main ingredients.

3. The amount of vegetarian and pescatarian options available! This was a biggie for me, as when I usually review restaurants, there tends to be 1-2 veggie options. It took me a good 10 minutes to pick my starter and main course due to having so many options to choose from. Additionally, because the ingredients of each dish are displayed, I took particular note for any vegans reading - there were a handful of dishes which could easily be altered to be vegan-friendly (I'm sure they'd hold back the dairy, eggs etc if you asked!).

4. Now, I'm taking Jerome's word for this because obviously, I didn't eat the meat dish. He said the meat was clearly a high-quality cut and was very well cooked and seasoned. He noted that his chips were equally as delicious. Jerome's probably more of a fussy eater than I am (in terms of flavour, texture), so for him to be thoroughly impressed is a big thing!

Firstly, we ordered a starter to share. There was an option to create your own deli board from a wide selection of nibbles. We chose to get houmous and bread, olives, a sausage roll and poached salmon (meaty things for Jerome, although he did steal some of my houmous and olives??!!!). The portion sizes were generous and the ingredients tasted so fresh and authentic. There were many other options to choose from but we tried to pick 'lighter' things as we didn't want to fill up on our starter and not have any room for our main courses. All in all, I would say the deli board was very good quality for money as you could mix and match any four nibbles for approx. £10. Unfortunately, I didn't manage to get a photo of this because we were so mesmerised by the delicious food, that it completely slipped both of our minds! Oops!

I ordered the vegetarian Mediterainian curry and it was divine! Not only was the sauce spicy and flavoursome, the veg in the curry was cooked to perfection. Courgette, potato, carrot, broccoli - literally all of my favourite veg! It was served with a side of steamed peas and coriander rice. Overall, I found the portion size to be more than filling and the whole dish was an absolute steal for the price (approx. £10.00).

As mentioned above, Jerome ordered a meat dish. He had the beef burger which was served with a side of chips. His burger had a very sizable amount of meat in it with additional fillings, such as gherkins, cheese, tomato. Plus, you could customise what goes into your burger too - you could add extras and take away anything you're not keen on. I (obviously) pinched one of his chips and did the 'taste test' for myself, and I can reassure you all - they were bloody fantastic! Jerome's burger came in at approx. £11.

Next, my favourite bit, the drinks! Of course, I ordered a cocktail, what else would you guys expect? I opted for the Strawberry and Cucumber Breeze which consisted of strawberry puree, mint, cucumber, vanilla syrup with Tanqueray gin and strawberry liquor - made long with apple, cranberry and lemon juice. It was fresh, fruity and full of gin - everything I look for in a drink!

Jerome was a boring sod and had his usual pint of Amstel (no hate against Amstel, I looove it, but, ya know, I wanted him to get a cocktail so I could A) try some and B) get a cute Instagram pic of us doing a 'cocktail cheers'). Although, it was great to know that they have a good quality selection of pints on offer, too.

I hope you've enjoyed my short and sweet review and if you decide to visit The Botanist, then tag me in your photos - I'd love to see what you choose from the new menu!

Lastly, I'd like to say a big thank you to The Botanist for having us and an extra big thank you to Ellie from MK PR for organising it all. You can browse the menus for The Botanist yourself.

*Disclaimer: This post was not sponsored, but contains products/services which were complimentary. All opinions remain my own and all words remain my own.