Blog Services: The Price List

by - 11/26/2015

As most of you may already know, I made the decision to start charging for any blog related services.
This is due to high demand. With my busy schedule, I was working on other blogs around my university studies, my own blog/social media, my social life, my other part-time job in retail and many other things. I was working silly hours here and there, with no real schedule. I feel as though this affected the quality of my work in all aspects of my life; which doesn't benefit anyone. I have devised a strict schedule for myself in which I have allocated different time slots to work on other blogs, may the opportunity arise. Each service can be adapted so that it fits the customer's requirements. Prices may be adjusted on these grounds only. Enough justification, here's the price list...

Service 1. Complete blog design from scratch. Includes: custom made "theme", html templates, custom URL (without ""), logo design, contact form, various custom pages (inc. FAQ page), social media links, "about me" section, headers and footers, Instagram widget, Twitter widget, Facebook widget, Google+ widget, Bloglovin' widget, hit counter, "popular posts" widget/page, help with publishing one blog post (once blog has been completed) - £25 (£20 for the bulk of the work and £5 for the custom URL)

Service 2. "Theme" design - £15

Service 3. Logo or banner design - £10

Service 4. Help regarding sidebar/page widgets (or their html codes) - £5 (per 2 widgets)

If you require any other blog-related service, please do not hesitate to leave a comment or contact me via the contact form on my blog homepage. I'll be more than happy to help you out! Like I said before, these services can be adapted to fit your needs and wants.

*Please note that I currently work on Blogger (Blogspot) only. 

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