by - 12/01/2015

Hey girls! So, I'm attempting to keep up with blogmas this year. Please forgive me if I miss a few days here and there; I cannot seem to escape the word "deadline" with regards to uni work recently. Anyway, the first post is actually university related. It's my usual morning routine before heading off to my lectures.

So, I usually give myself 45 minutes to an hour in a morning to get showered, hair washed, make-up done, hair done (it's actually usually still wet when I leave, oops), bag packed and breakfast scoffed. I have this weird thing where I give myself a time limit to get each "job" done. I spend 15 minutes in the shower, 15 minutes on my make-up, 10 minutes on my hair, 10 minutes prepping my uni essentials (as I usually have to carry a million and one text books and lab equipment) and 10 minutes shovelling a slice of toast and a cuppa down my neck. So, step-by-step, I'll talk you through my schedule...

1. I snooze my alarm at least three times before finally dragging myself out of bed and into the bathroom. I'm not the kinda gal that brushes her teeth in the shower (this is weird behaviour) so I do this prior to stepping in. My usual choice of shampoo/conditioner is the Aussie Miracle Moisture range. It smells like sweets and leaves you hair squeaky clean and very shiny. For shower gel, I switch between Radox (because it's usually only £1 from Boots) and Soap & Glory Sugar Crush (which is not usually £1 from Boots, unfortunately). For wax, I stick with Veet and for razors, I usually opt for Venus, Wilkinson Sword or Gilette (or a cheaper alternative if it's not available).

2. I towel dry my hair for a few minutes before spritzing it with Aussie Miracle Moisture leave in conditioner and VO5 Plump It Up heat protectant. I then tie it up in a topknot to keep it out of my face.

3. I then exfoliate and cleanse my face using the Simple Kind To Skin range. Following this, I moisturise using Nivea and apply Soap & Glory's Smooch Operator lip balm.

4. Whilst waiting for the moisturiser to completely sink in, I open Spotify and blast a bit 'o Beyonce and scroll through Instagram.

5. I usually don't use concealer under my foundation unless it's an absolute shut-the-back-door emergency. So, straight onto foundation... I apply Loreal True Match liquid foundation with my Zoeva Stippling brush, being extra careful not to blend too much. I then leave my foundation to "cook". This means leaving it for a few minutes, untouched. The heat from your face will alter the consistency and colour of your foundation, making it easier to work with and super blendable as well as a better colour match. I then blend this all in using my Zoeva buffer brush.

6. I then use my Loreal True Match powder in a darker shade with my Zoeva Cream Cheek brush to contour. I dab a bit of "Venus" from the Urban Decay Naked Basics palette on the tops of my cheekbones and down the bridge of my nose to highlight. I then blend this with a kabuki brush if the lines look slightly harsh. I use the same kabuki brush to then apply powder over my t-zone and chin.

7. Using the Anastasia Beverly Hills Dipbrow Pomade in "Granite" and the Zoeva Wing Liner brush, I fill in my brows as softly as possible. I then use Anastasia Beverly Hills Clear Brow Gel to set my brows into place.

8. Still using the Naked Basics Palette, I take the shade "Naked 2" and the Zoeva Shadow Crease brush, I sweep it all over my eyelids. I then use "Venus" to highlight my inner corner and just under my brow bone. I then take the shade "Faint" and use it as a cut crease shade. Using a Zoeva blending brush, I blend it into a soft cat eye shape. 

9. Using Make-Up Revolution eyeliner, I draw a thin line across my eyelid, staying as close to my lash line as possible. I then create a wing and join it all up. Add a couple of coats of Maybelline Lash Sensational Mascara and the eyes are finished!

10. My go-to lipstick shade this Autumn/Winter is definitely a deep berry shade. I love the Rimmel 206. The Body Shop also have some gorgeous shades in their Colour Crush collection. If I'm going for a bold look, I'll line my lips with a Kiko lip liner (always Kiko, because they're the best). If I'm going for a softer look, which I usually am when going to uni, I don't use a liner. 

11. That's it for makeup! Using my Nicky Clarke hair dryer, I blast my hair for several minutes whilst my head is upside down, until fully dry. I then spray a little bit more of Aussie Miracle Moisture Conditioning Spray. The easiest hair-do for uni is definitely the messy topknot. I gather my hair, secure with a hair band and hair grip the sh*t out of it! If it takes me more than two attempts to get my bun looking "messily chic", I'll revert back to the good old ponytail.

12. I then get changed into an outfit consisting of skinnies and an oversized jumper. My favourite fragrance to wear at the moment is Total Attraction by Victoria's Secret; so I'll spritz myself with that,  pack my bag, drink my tea and leave!


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