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by - 12/15/2016

Hello, my lovelies! Today's post is going to be something a little bit different. This post is my entry to Soap & Glory's incredible Pluck Me I'm Famous competition.

The winner is given the opportunity to be an official Soap & Glory digital glam-bassador and represent their university and Soap & Gory throughout 2017! Now, if you're a regular reader, you'll know how much I love talking about the science behind beauty products; how I love incorporating my Biology degree, my make-up artistry career and my blogging hobby into one big beauty bundle. I'll be telling you why I'd love to be given the opportunity to work alongside Soap & Glory and also I'll be talking you through a daily glam GRWM (get ready with me), featuring my favourite S&G products.

I attend Sheffield Hallam university. I'm in my third year of study at uni. I completed my first year at a different university and then transferred to SHU as I thought this university would be a better fit for me - and it totally is! I study Biology and I will be continuing my studies over the next few years to gain an MSc in Biotechnology.

(a snap of me working in the laboratories at my university research centre)

I love the city of Sheffield; it's where I've grown up (for the most part), and so I'm very familiar with the campus, the night life, the restaurants and all the rest. Sheffield is full of enthusiastic and lovely students. The thing I love most is that everyone is generally very happy and you'll almost always be greeted with a smile, wherever you go. An interesting fact for you all: Sheffield Hallam University has the highest retention rate for graduates in the UK - this means, people who attend university here are very likely to stay living in Sheffield after they have finished university. I guess it just shows how lovely the city is!

Another thing I love about SHU is how modern it is. The spaces to learn, eat and socialise are all fully equipped with everything you may need. The library is open 24/7 (handy for those last minute all-nighters!) and the food served in the multiple cafes is fresh and delicious (they also cater for pescatarians, vegetarians and vegans).

Enough about uni, let's get into the beauty stuff!

I started off by showering with some of my fave daily essentials: Glad Hair Day shampoo and conditioner and Whipped Clean shower butter. I love the scent of the almond and sweet vanilla in the shower butter and the shampoo/conditioner combo leaves my hair soft, shiny and thoroughly clean. On days when I feel as though I need a full body exfoliation - I like to use Sugar Crush scrub.

If you know me, you'll know about my love affair with body moisturisers. I have to moisturise after I come out of the shower; it's how I keep my skin soft and young. I use Righteous Butter. It sinks in right away and hydrates my skin all day.

Personally, I like to wash my face after I get out of the shower. I do this because I can use a mirror to see which parts of my skin need a little extra care in terms of cleansing, exfoliating and moisturising. Today, my skin was feeling pretty great (yay), so I stuck with my usual Vitamin C facial wash. After washing and patting my face dry, I then went in with Righteous Butter again and also used this as my facial moisturiser.

On to make-up! I've been loving the 'non-touring' look recently. If you're late to the party, non-touring is pretty self-explanatory. It's eliminating the contouring step from your make-up routine, but still highlighting and bronzing. I like this look for a more every day, 'girl-next -door' look. I started out with One Heck of a Blot foundation in the shade Caramel. I blended this in with a buffer brush and set it with a touch of loose powder.

On a crease brush, I took the shade Minky from The Perfect Ten palette and I swept it along my entire eyelid, focusing on my inner corner more (for that extra glow). I then took the shade Aubersheen on a flat crease brush and focused it on my outer corner in a 'V' shape within the natural contours of my eyelid. Using a fluffy blending brush, I blended this out until it looked glowy and seamless. Using a tapered brush, I mixed the shades Vanilla and Pink T and used this to highlight my inner corner and my brow bone. In the pic below, I've put little hearts next to the shades I used, just so you can get an idea of the tones and colours I like to use.

(a messy palette is a well-loved palette)

Moving on to the brows... because my brows are naturally very black, I like to use SuperCat eyeliner (with a very light hand) and create natural looking hairs, following the shape of my natural arch. I start from the outer edge and work my way in, creating a feathered effect. I then brushed this all through with a spoolie. Easy peasy. I'm yet to try Soap & Glory's Brow Archery products. but I'd love to invest in them soon! What are your thoughts on S&G's brow products? From a glance, I love the fact that they include so many different brow shades.

For lashes, I swear by Thick & Fast mascara! It gives me jet black lashes within seconds. I apply a thin coat to my upper and lower lashes, wait for around 10 seconds, then go back in with another coat (for good measure) on my upper lashes.

Dipping back into The Perfect Ten palette, I took the shades Minky and Sunset very lightly on a fan brush and applied it to the high points of my face. It gives me such a bronzed, dewy, glowy complexion and I love it!

I finished the look off with my Sexy Mother Pucker lip gloss for a plump, shiny pout. I then blow dried my hair and I was good to go!

That's all folks! I hope you enjoyed my little GRWM and that you liked hearing about my university. As always, if you have any questions, please ask away! You can find me on Instagram and Twitter, too. Below, you can find a list of all the products that I used - with links so, you can online shop to your heart's content! Head over to my Instagram and let me know what your favourite Soap & Glory product is OR tell me a little bit about your university - I'd love to chat to you guys n gals!

Product List:
Glad Hair Day Shampoo / conditioner
Whipped Clean Shower Butter
Righteous Butter
Vitamin C Facial Wash
One Heck of a Blot Foundation
SuperCat eyeliner
Thick & Fast mascara
The Perfect Ten eyeshadow palette
Sexy Mother Pucker lipgloss

You can find out more about Soap & Glory on their website, Instagram, Twitter, Snapchat, Pinterest, YouTube and Facebook. If you want to check out their products IRL, just head to your local Boots store. You can also find out more about Sheffield Hallam University here.

All products used were bought by myself or gifted to me from my boyfriend. This is not a sponsored post or advertorial and all opinions are honest and my own. All images are my own; please credit if re-posted.

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