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by - 3/13/2018

The Honor 9 Lite launched in the UK in February, and has taken the technology industry by storm. It's by far one of the best smartphones I have come across in a long time. For the budget price of £199; the Honor 9 Lite is a steal. I've been extensively testing the phone from a business perspective and a social perspective.

As a blogger, I have certain criteria that I need a phone to meet in order for it to be functional for me. These are: storage capacity, camera quality, screen display, aesthetics, security and affordability. The device combines all of the elements I need in a phone with style. It looks professional and even has a dual sim ability for business needs. It runs on Android operating system, which is virtually glitch-free and easy to navigate. More importantly, it consists of an enhanced F2FS file system, meaning that system caching is further optimized, and your device will run at speed and won't slow down over time.

The feature which impressed me initially upon unxboxing the device, was the fingerprint scanner on the back of the phone. At first, I was confused but when I picked the device up, I found that the scanner was perfectly aligned with how my hand held the mobile. My boyfriend, who has significantly bigger hands than I, tried out the scanner and it worked perfectly for him, too.

Security is a big factor for me. With previous phones, my fingerprint unlock feature has been less than satisfactory. However, with the Honor 9 Lite, not only is the phone secure but the feature works very well; unlocking the phone instantaneously with the correct fingerprint. In fact, the scanner unlocks in an incredible 0.25 seconds.

Instantly, I could tell that a lot of thought and innovation had gone into deigning this model. My favourite feature is the dual back camera AND the dual front camera. Yep, you heard, a dual front camera! This means that I can take selfies on "portrait mode" using the front camera and still achieve a high-resolution and impeccable quality photo. The device also has a "pro camera" mode in which you can manually adjust the aperture and other camera modes in order to capture professional, DSLR-style photos. It even incorporates hardware-level bokeh effects - perfect for those classic "blurry-background, blogger-style" photos!

The build of the device is both aesthetically pleasing and functional. The frame is slightly curved for an enhanced luxury feel and the screen reaches across the phone, optimizing display. The glass back gives the phone an uber-modern look. The back of the device is even designed to be mirror-like; I have been finding this especially useful for touching up my make-up on the go!

The display is ultra HD. It has a HD+ resolution of 1080 x 2160. The screen measures in at 5.56 inches and the pixel density being 428 pixels per inch - the crisp, clean imagery is stunning. 

As most of you will already know, as well as being a blogger, I'm also a university student. That's why affordability is always at the forefront of my mind, especially regarding technology. I want my items to be functional and long-lasting, but not break the bank. This device comes in at £199 SIM-free. When comparing this to other phones I have previously purchased; I'm amazed at the price point. In the past, I have spent hundreds, close to thousands of pounds on phones. The Honor 9 Lite blows them all out of the water and is a fraction of the price. My boyfriend was so impressed with the price point and quality of the device that he's purchased on for himself in the Sapphire Blue edition. 

Having a job which requires me to be constantly checking my emails and social medias is very time consuming and ordinarily, battery consuming. However, the Honor 9 Lite has an amazing battery life and holds its charge for days. I can upload my blog content, call my friends for hours on end, reply to my business emails and still have plenty of battery life to play a few games and watch some YouTube in my spare time! Honor have rigorously tested their battery performance and have included fifth-generation technology into the device. It also has six power-saving modes to conserve battery for those emergency situations.

Now for the fun bit, the giveaway! Honor UK have kindly gifted me a device to give away to one of my followers. The prize is a brand new Honor 9 Lite in Sapphire Blue. All you have to do is click the link to my Instagram page down below, and all the details on how to enter will be there. Good luck!

[DISCLAIMER: This post is not sponsored. All words remain unscripted and my own. Products/services discussed within this post have been gifted]

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