Make a Day of It at Meadowhall*

by - 7/26/2019

This post is part of a gifting partnership with Meadowhall

If you already follow me on Instagram, you'll know that a few days ago I was invited to Meadowhall for the ultimate day out. They wanted me to showcase all they have to offer within the centre, and that you can really "make a day of it". Whether you're on your own, having a date, or a family outing, Meadowhall has some brilliant activities to offer up - it's not all about shopping!

First up was my manicure appointment at the new Superdrug Beauty Studio. If you haven't visited the Beauty Studio yet, you must go down and see the range of treatments they have. From manis to hairdressing, waxing and even a barbers' shop - there's a pamper spot for everyone. It's also kid-friendly! I opted for a gel manicure over my natural nails - dusky pink with an accent nail!

After I was done being pampered, I headed for a spot of window shopping to see what was new in. My favourite shops to check out are: Boux Avenue, Victoria's Secret, Primark, New Look and SkinnyDip!
I stumbled across the new in range at Boux, which was very holiday-appropriate. The orange bikini and swimsuit were a real hit on Instagram.

I also found a few gems in Primark. I've recently started a new job so I was mainly on the hunt for office-appropriate attire, and Primark delivered.

After a spot of shopping, I met up with my friend Aimee, who also writes a fabulous blog, and we headed for afternoon tea at Godiva. The service at Godiva was exceptional - they were fully knowledgable about allergens/dietary requirements and the food and drinks were delicious! I was pleasantly surprised at the price point too - it's £25 per person, which is very reasonable for afternoon tea and for the amount of quality food and drinks you get, it's an excellent price.

With faces sufficiently stuffed, we made our way down to the Neal's Yard store and met with two of the consultants. They took us through the ethos of Neal's Yard, what each range consisted of and also did a mini skincare consultation. We also were given some lovely goodies to take home and try; I loved my sample of the Pillow Spray so much that I bought another! Some of you will already know this but I struggle to sleep due to anxiety; I usually take sleeping tablets each night but now I'm completely off my tablets and relying purely on the Pillow Spray! It's the first time in years that I'm able to rely on something more holistic to help my anxiety, and I'm thrilled about it.

I waved goodbye to Aimee and met up with my boyfriend, Jerome, who popped by after he'd finished work. After a spot of window shopping, we headed to The Sessions- we were invited to a solid perfume making class and it was so fun! We learnt about high notes and low notes and how to incorporate them to create our perfect signature scent. Our fragrances were built on a soy wax base, essential oils and natural scents were added drop by drop to create the desired scent. After that, the lovely lady melted these wax and oil formulas down to make a liquid, which we then decanted into 100% biodegradable and recycled stick containers. Jerome and I opted to make one stick in bamboo packaging and one stick in card packaging. If you'd like to see the full process, I'll be uploading it to IGTV very soon!

A few weeks ago, I attended another one of The Sessions at Meadowhall: Calligraphy with Nikki Whiston Inks, who, by the way, is the loveliest lady! I went along on my own and had a great time. Everyone there was a beginner, so it was nice that we were all learning together. We learnt basic letting and by the end of the session, I could write full sentences! I have been practising my calligraphy ever since; my bestie even got me a calligraphy book for my birthday. If you get the opportunity to attend one of Nikki's classes, I would highly recommend it.

A trip to Meadowhall isn't complete without a visit to the Oasis Dining Quarter! My favourite place to dine is Wagamama - so that's where we headed. Although the restaurant was very busy (peak dinner time), the service and food wait time were both really quick.

Shortly after dinner, Jerome and I headed to the Vue Cinema which is located just off the Oasis Dining Quarter; we saw The Lion King. After spending days emotionally preparing ourselves for the film, we grabbed a box of popcorn and a large coke, and made our way down to the screens. I have another blog post coming up which is an in-depth film review, so I'll spare you of those details right now.

We attended a 9.30pm showing and as neither of us are driving right now, we had to rely on the late-night public transport from Meadowhall interchange. The interchange is very well connected, with links to both ends of the UK from the rail and bus stations. As well as this, they have local services departing from the tram stops (our choice of transport as we live right next to a tram stop!) and if you're going somewhere a little less connected, you can easily hail a taxi from the ranks.

Check out the Meadowhall Sessions for yourself, or have a nosey at what Meadowhall has to offer.

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