by - 12/03/2015

Another Christmassy one girls... I've compiled a list of must-have products and thing that you must do or try this winter. It's about time we all switched up our routines and tried something new

 Play around with your usual Starbucks order and try a "Honey & Almond Signature hot chocolate with chocolate whipped cream". It sounds very sickly, but honestly, it is the best drink ever. So wintery and Christmassy. 

 Snow Fairy from Lush. I mean, everyone knows what this is, right? In case you've been living under a rock for the past few years... I'll explain anyway. It's the pinkest, sparkliest, most magical scent in the world. It comes in the form of a bath/shower gel. I imagine that heaven smells not dissimlar to this. Without a doubt, my mum will buy this every year as a stocking filler for both my sister and It's a lovely gift to give, receive and the perfect treat yo' self item.

 The "Home for the Holidays" Yankee Candle is such an amazing Christmas scent. With high notes of cinnamon and undertones of cedarwood, it'll have you in the festive spirit in no time. A real winter essential in my opinion.

 This one's not so much to do with Christmas but to do with the arctic conditions that surround the season. Take care of your hair ladies! It's important to keep your hair conditioned and healthy, especially during the colder months. The wind and freezing temperatures can cause brittle ends and dried-out locks. I use Aussie Miracle Moisture Conditioning Spray. I spritz it on before and after blow-drying my hair and it stays shiny allllll daaaaay loooong.

 So, if you haven't already heard, Boots online are now stocking NYX products, yay! My favourite make-up looks during autumn/winter always include a bold, dark lip. I'm absolutely in love with the NYX Butter Lipstick in "Moonlit Night" and "Thunderstorm". At £5.50 each (or 550 Boots points), they're an absolute steal. The formula is so hydrating too, perfect for cold wintery days when you need a little extra moisture.

 The next must-have is a roll neck jumper. I'm fully embracing the fact that the roll neck/turtle neck is back. I love it, and this knit from InTheStyle is perfect. I love the plum colour paired with the cable knit design.

 I think Christmas markets are the best way to celebrate the festive spirit a few weeks early. I'm heading off to Winter Wonderland in Hyde Park London in a few weeks and I'm so excited! I'll also be visiting a few local markets (Sheffield, Lincoln, Leeds), They're a perfect date night activity (or a chilled girls' evening out). If there's mulled wine involved, I'm all in, and you should be too.

 This one's a list within a list. It's the things that you should buy in advance when it comes to the festive season (because everyone's a little bit forgetful):
- batteries
- cranberry sauce
- sellotape
- Christmas crackers
- gift tags
- napkins
- mince pies (or just use my Blogmas Day 2 recipe)
- gravy
- beer, because at some point you're gonna get bored of fizz and wine
- wrapping paper
- Christmas cards/thank you cards
- more sellotape


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