by - 12/09/2015

They won't like to admit it, but men are definitely more difficult to shop for than women. 

That's why I've compiled this list to inspire the Christmas gifts that you'll be buying for the most important men in your life. Whether it's your partner, brother, dad, uncle, cousin, in-law... I've got you covered. I've split the gifts up into different categories to make it easier and provided direct links so that you can buy/browse them in just a few clicks!

Gifts for the sporty one:

Gifts for the musician:

Guitar Flipper - £6.99
USB Mixtape - £14.99

Gifts for the coach potato:

Lap Desk - £12.99
Gifts for the handyman:

Book of Tools - £7.99
Gifts for the foodie:

Gifts for the one always checking his reflection:

Gifts for the one that always gets excessively drunk at Christmas:

Shot Roulette - £9.99
Gifts for the coupled up man:

Scratch Map - £12.99
I hope this post has helped or inspired your Christmas list in some way. Feel free to leave any other suggestions in the comments below! xo

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