A VIP Date Night With Cineworld*

by - 11/01/2017

OOTD: Coat - New Look (£34.99), Boots - Primark (£14.00), Jeans - Topshop Petite (£36.00), Bag - River Island (£24.00)

After five years of a relationship, you'd think that Jerome and I would have been on every possible date night out there. Nope. I'm shocked to say that we had never experienced a Cineworld VIP screening, until last week.

Let's rewind to 2011... I remember when we were in sixth form; we were dating and getting to know each other. After months of hanging out, we finally had our first proper date. It consisted of a trip to Starbucks and a cinema showing of Prometheus. It seems like just yesterday that he made me laugh so much that I awkwardly spat a mouthful of my Starbucks in his direction, yikes. There is a whole embarrassing story about our first date - if you want to hear it, let me know in the comments and I'll spill the deets *cringes at the thought*. 

Shortly after, we miraculously ended up on a second date; again, to the cinema. Over the next three months, we met up after work/sixth form on a weekly basis to visit the cinema. I remember that I was working my first part-time job; I was earning peanuts, but I'd still scrape together a few quid for a train fare and a Cineworld cinema ticket (and snacks, of course).

If you follow me on social media, you'll already know how much I love cinema. The idea of escaping routine, stress, responsibility for a few hours and immersing myself in a different reality pleases me beyond belief. I'm continuously blown away with technology, CGI, camera shots, music, directing and acting. It's truly amazing how far film has come in just a few short years. 

When Cineworld contacted me and asked if I wanted to experience their VIP package for the launch of the new film Thor: Ragnarok, I was over the moon!

Prior to the screening, both Jerome and I had never had a VIP experience. In passing and visiting, I had spotted the VIP section of our local Cineworld frequently. It was always one of those "oh, we should do that next time we come to the cinema" kinda thing. 

The Venue.
Our local Cineworld is the venue at Valley Centertaiment, Sheffield. It is easily accessible from the city centre via tram or car. Walking into the venue, you can easily spot the IMAX section, the VIP section, the 4DX section and the standard screens. In one corner is Baskin Robbins and in the opposite, a Starbucks. 

We were greeted by James, who proceeded to show us around the complex. We experienced short glimpses of the 4DX and IMAX experiences before being shown into the VIP lounge.

The lounge was spacious, private from the rest of the cinema and had a very up-market, luxury feel to it. 45 minutes before the screening, we were eating, drinking and chilling out in the lounge.

The Food and Drinks.
Now, I don't often make bold statements like this, but, the pizza was probably one of the best I have ever tasted - and I once spent a week in Venice eating pizza, continuously.  

The spread of food was incredible, with amazing variety for vegetarians, YAY! Did I mention that the food and drinks were unlimited? Jerome and I stuffed our faces with as much as we could - gotta get what you can, am I right?!

There were pizzas, pasta, chili, couscous, rice dishes, salads, nachos, hot dogs, pop corn, chocolates, sweets, a selection of mini desserts... the list goes on; all of which was prepared by a local chef. There was an alcoholic bar at the end of the lounge, serving up your favourite beers, lagers, wines, cocktails and everything in-between. 

Although, the highlight for me was the soft drinks dispenser. You may think I'm losing the plot, getting excited over a drinks dispenser, but this one gave us the option to have our favourite drinks with no bubbles and had a variety of flavours. For example, I had Fanta with no bubbles and Fruit Twist flavour. I also went back for a Coca Cola Vanilla (essential when available). Jerome opted for Fanta no bubbles Grape flavour. I'm now in the process of starting a petition group to install these incredible machines EVERYWHERE. 

Before entering the screen, we were told we could grab as much food and drinks as we wanted to take in. To whoever thought of the unlimited food idea: you're a genius and I love you. 

The Screen.
Walking into the screening, it was immediately clear that this screen was VIP. With only 40 seats, a huge screen and plenty of leg room, the whole place felt very luxurious. The seats also had a reclining feature and a foot rest feature, a lazy boy style seat - of which Jerome and I took full advantage. It was like being cuddled up on your comfy sofa, but having the luxury of a big screen, high quality visuals and audio. 

The Film. 
As mentioned before, we were invited to see Thor: Ragnarok. We had already seen previous Thor films and brushed up on the trailers we could find online. We were both very excited to see it. The film exceeded previous Thor films; it incorporated more humour, action and had a better plot. Usually, I get quite lost with 'superhero' films as there are so many back-stories and subtle fandom hints throughout, which I hardly understand. With this, there was still the subtle hints here and there, but the plot was easy to follow and had very good twists throughout. If anyone has seen Doctor Strange and waited until after the credits to see the classic end-of-film scene, you'll enjoy putting those clues together and seeing the link to the new Thor film. 

Overall, I would say that the VIP experience really enhanced my cinema trip. I enjoyed relaxing in the lounge prior to the film. It also gave us a chance to check out the film digital posters and film slate, which were for all of the upcoming films. Personally, I cannot wait to see Murder on the Orient Express (who doesn't love Kenneth Branagh?!), Justice League and Star Wars!

If you're interested in seeing the new Thor: Ragnarok film, make sure you book your tickets in advance. Alternatively, you can check out what else is showing in the VIP section here.

Lastly, the Cineworld VIP experience doesn't have to be exclusive to just date nights. I've already got plans for a girls' day out with my friends, and after telling my best friend, she's planning an evening out with her friends too! Got kids? You can make it a family day out by choosing a child-friendly film.

*This post is sponsored by Cineworld. All opinions and words remain honest, unscripted and my own. This post refers to a gifted experience from Cineworld. All opinions and words remain honest, unscripted and my own. 

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